Snow Leopard only!


  • Start/stop/remove/add torrents
  • One click speed limit
  • Reveals torrent data in finder
  • Groups
  • Works directly with rtorrent, even over SSH
  • Quicklook files


You need rtorrent compiled with xml-rpc support. Make sure that xmlrpc-c library is greater than 1.06, otherwise you will receive wrong torrent sizes.


rtorrent configuration

In your .rtorrent.rc (usually you can find it in your home directory) should present next line

scgi_port =

Also, it is recommended to add this line to support non-latin file names

encoding_list = UTF-8

Nativa configuration

In most cases setup assistant provides with you easy configuration, but if it fails to connect you with ssh tunnel, you may change scgi_port line to to some ip address, which is accessible from computer running nativa. For example, to scgi_port =, where your remote machine's public ip address. Later, in preferences you may change this. WARNING this setting is strongly not recommended due to security reasons!